A Treasure can be found in Quests, gifted by an ally or guild member, or stolen from other players in Battle. Gather all 6 of a collection to receive a Material as reward.

Each collection consists of 6 types, distinguished by color and by name.

  • Thirst - Purple
  • Desire - Yellow
  • River - Blue
  • Flare - Red
  • Vigor - Black*
  • Despair - Green*

* Starting from Jewel, the two are interchanged. Black treasures become Despair and green treasures become Vigor.

Each player can only gain 4 of the 6 types through questing. The types vary from player to player, but are the same for each collection a single player gathers. The other 2 types can only be gotten from another player, either by stealing through battle, or receiving as a gift.

There are a few restrictions on gifting treasures. You have to be allied with an ally for 2 weeks and be in the guild for a week. You cannot send a treasure to another player that already has more than 3 of that collection. If you plan to get the 2 types you need through gifts, you cannot wait until you have gathered the 4 you can get by questing. You can only have 2 or fewer. However, once the treasures have been sent to you, you can wait to collect them from your "Present" list until you need them, thus making them unavailable to be stolen from you while you try to complete your collection.

Chapter 1 Jewel
Holy Grail Satanic Book
Chapter 2 Precious Blade Compass Slab
Chapter 3 Knight Seal Mermaid Statue Pendant
Chapter 4 Mask Bracelet Cane
Chapter 5 Mirror Key Ring
Chapter 6 Brooch Star Talisman Crystal Flower
Chapter 7 Medal Scales Devil Wings
Chapter 8 Fairy Bottle Maiden Tears Tiara
Chapter 9 Unicorn Horn Conch Cross
Chapter 10 Jewel Necklace Magic Feather
Chapter 11 Jug Dried Flower Charm
Chapter 12 Fan Secret Vial Maschera
Chapter 13 Coral Spirit Statue Demon Crystal
Chapter 14 Birdcage Veil Earrings Heart Piercing Statue
Chapter 15 Forbidden Book Writing Instrument Lamp
Chapter 16 Demonic Censer Fruit(s) Black Magic Staff
Chapter 17 Thurible Flask Globe
Chapter 18 Rosary Musket Sandglass
Chapter 19 Arrows Triangle Sword
Chapter 20 Candle Circlet Rope [sic]
Chapter 21 Devil Statue Goddess Lamp Bell
Chapter 22 Horn Turban Telescope
Chapter 23 Dagger Steel Helmet War Flag
Chapter 24 Artificial Arm Steering Wheel Skull Ring
Chapter 25 True Eye Ancient Flower Ocarina
Chapter 26 Bisque Doll Fairy Scale Baroque Tone
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