Tips and tricks for questing in Deity WarsEdit

  • Touch the screen to kill the/an enemy. This uses AP but gives EXP and Gil. You usually get quest rewards after killing three enemies, but this can vary from 2-4.*
  • In order to get a quest reward, you must kill three enemies and still have enough remaining AP to kill one more. For example, if you're doing a quest that requires 4 AP/hits, you must have at least 16 AP before proceeding. You will only actually use 12 AP to kill three enemies; however, if you had 12-15 AP when you started, you will not get a treasure chest and will have wasted 12 AP.
  • You can get Life Elixirs for finding all the treasures in a given area. Just open up your quest area list, go to each area, and repeat quests until there are no '?' boxes. When you've unlocked them all, you'll have Life Elixirs in your Gift Box. Note that this may not work for all areas.

* If anyone can confirm that the range goes higher than 4, please comment.

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