PVP or Player Versus Player is common in Deity Wars. PVP can occur in many different formats. 
Grand Sorcerer King Oz LR

A powerful PVP card

Where to PVPEdit

PVP can occur in many areas.

Treasure BattleEdit

PVP Event ArenaEdit

Battle RoyaleEdit

Guild WarsEdit

Cards and SkillsEdit

Cards can have their skills activated during PVP for boosts.

PVP TipsEdit

  • The higher your card skill, the more likely it is to activate.
  • Some skills are more beneficial than others.
  • Using 100 BP can sometimes deal more damage.
  • Using event boosts can sometimes x2 your attack damage.
  • Research your opponent. Look at their defense deck in Battle Royale or view their profile page.

PVP BenefitsEdit

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