Everyone is encouraged to help us add content to this wiki. Many things are needed, from beginner tips to a comprehensive Card Archive. Experienced wiki-editors are encouraged to make things prettier and more user-friendly.

Add a Card

To add a page for a card we don't have on here yet, please use the field above. Enter the full name of the card and click Create. This will start you out with our Card Page template.

For help on filling out the info in the template, read Template:Card Info/doc

Invitation Cards

Since Invitation Special Cards are not auctionable, it is hard for us to get information on them. If you have one, please help us. If you don't want to go through the trouble of adding the information yourself, you can take screenshots of the card's picture and stats and upload them. We'll take it from there!

Card Images

We need images for so many of the cards on the wiki! Check out this page for a place to start. Most pages on that list do not have an image for the first (base) evolution of the card.

Image Naming: To keep everything orderly, please save images in .png format. Name the image files with the full card name followed by the rarity. Example:    

Vargas N.png Tactician Mad Hatter RR.png
Vargas N+.png Tactician Mad Hatter RR+.png
Vargas N++.png Tactician Mad Hatter RR++.png
Vargas NN.png Tactician Mad Hatter SR.png

Material Info

We need information on which materials are received by max leveling cards. If you max level a card, please add the material(s) gained to the page for that card. If there is no page for that card yet, you can leave the information in the forum.

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