Fullmoon Party - Royal Grave is a tower type event in the Deity Wars game which was held from August 9 to August 26, 2012.


Treasure RewardsEdit

Three types of treasures are collected while proceeding through the Royal Grave. The first two, Anubis's Headresses and Horus's Canes, give rewards of Bird God (R) and God of the Sky Horus (RR) upon collecting 5, 15, 30, and 50 of each treasure respectively. After 50 of the first two types are collected, collecting 30 Set's Armbands, the adventurer will receive 1 War God Seth (SR).

Boss Defeating RewardsEdit

The rewards for each floor follow:

20F: Full Moon (RR)

50F: Full Moon (RR)

80F: Legend CP ticket

100F: Full Moon (RR)

200F: Full Moon (SR)

Ranking RewardsEdit

Ranking rewards are tiered, with the top 100 receiving an exclusive Harvest God Isis(SR). Various rewards are given for other tiers.