About EnhancingEdit

Enhancing is one way to make your cards stronger. Essentially, you raise a card's level by "feeding" it other cards. As the card levels, it gains additional attack and defense for each level. When a card hits maximum level, it creates material which can be added to a card's open slots. Material provides an additional boost to a card's attack or defense. Enhancing uses up Gil too, depending on the level of the target card.

A card's maximum level depends on its rarity, according to the following chart:

Rarity Maximum Level
N, N+, N++ 20
NN, NN+, NN+ 30
R, R+, R++ 40
RR, RR+, RR++ 50
SR, SR+, SR++ 60
SSR, SSR+, SSR++ 70
LR, LR+, LR++ 80
GR 90

Kujata can be used as a more efficient enhancer. 

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Fusion BoostEdit

Fusion boost or Fusion bonus is an event which usually occurs after a Guild War or often after changes to Event Card Pack or opening of the Class Battle. The following bonuses are in effect during Fusion Boost.

Baby Kujata, Kujata Experience: x2

Great Kujata, King Kujata Experience: x1.5

Golden Kujata : None


During Fusion Bonus, the following guidelines can be used as sometimes less than 10 Kujata is required for a full enhancement. Numbers are subject to change and are only to be used as guidelines.

  • 10 Kujata = 51 levels (at level 1)
  • 10 Event Kujata = 60 levels (at level 1)
  • 8 Great Kujata = 58 levels (at level 1)
  • 6 King Kujata = 60 levels (at level 1)


  • Enhance using 10 "feeder" cards at a time. The base cost of enhancing is relatively high while the marginal cost is low. For example, say it costs 1,000 Gil to enhance using one card, but only 100 Gil for each additional card in a single enhancement. Feeding 10 cards in one batch would then cost 1900 Gil, while the cost of feeding them individually would exceed 10,000 Gil because the base cost increases with level.
  • When your card nears its maximum level, use the special enhancer Kujata to save Gil.
  • Eclipse Card, R, RR, SR and SSR can increase the max level of the card. Enhancements can then be made up to 20 bonus levels. This does not grant any material.
  • Special note for Rage of Bahamut players: You cannot increase a card's skill level through enhancing in Deity Wars. Instead, skills are increased through evolution.
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