Quick Stats
Element Rarity Type Cost

Earth Child Apocrypha [R]

Earth Child Apocrypha

The animals of the forest are all my friends. I protect them in place of their mother.


  • Max Level: 40
  • Sales Value: 4360
  • Attack:
    • Base: 1310
    • Max: 3140
  • Defense:
    • Base: 1560
    • Max: 3740
  • Cost: 9
  • Eclipse Limit: ☆☆


Calydorn: Raises defense power of your army's earth elements for battle slightly

Earth Child Apocrypha [R+1]

  • Sales Value: 4580
  • Attack:
    • Base: 1380
    • Max: 3447
  • Defense:
    • Base: 1640
    • Max: 4127

Earth Child Apocrypha [R+2]

  • Sales Value: 4800
  • Attack:
    • Base: 1440
    • Max: ?
  • Defense:
    • Base: 1720
    • Max: ?

Earth Child Apocrypha [R+3]

  • Sales Value: 5020
  • Attack:
    • Base: 1510
    • Max: ?
  • Defense:
    • Base: 1800
    • Max: ?

Earth Child Apocrypha RR+4]

  • Sales Value: 5240
  • Attack:
    • Base: 1570
    • Max: ?
  • Defense:
    • Base: 1880
    • Max: ?


  • Earth Child Apocrypha [R]: DEF +500
  • Earth Child Apocrypha [R+1]: DEF +600
  • Earth Child Apocrypha [R+2]: DEF +700
  • Earth Child Apocrypha [R+3]: DEF +800
  • Earth Child Apocrypha [R+4]: DEF +900


  • She evolves into Injured Apocrypha.
  • While the name Apocrypha is generally applied to the books of the Roman Catholic's and Eastern Orthodox's Bibles, Earth Child Apocrypha's name might have come from the Greek meaning of "those hidden away" because she lives in the woods along with her animal friends far from the eyes of society.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, her name is actually Atalanta, named after the virgin huntress who grew up in the forest and was taken care of by a bear. This is further proven by the card's skill, "Calydorn." It is the misspelling of the word Calydon, the city ravaged by the Calydonian Boar, which was sent by an angry Artemis. Atalanta was able to draw first blood by shooting it with an arrow.
  • While the card doesn't have a complete material, once the materials from R to R+3 is obtained, it will be shown that you are rewarded with a slot as the complete material reward instead, but it does not show up in the gift box.
  • The card only shows R up to R+3 materials once they're obtained. R+4 material is not shown.