Cards and materials listed here are those that cannot be auctioned off in the Marketplace. Due to new policies within the game SR, SSR or above cards which are newly introduced as Legend CP Event Boosting Awards such as the SSR drawn from 3x 10 LCP are untradeable until the corresponding event is over.


Listed here are materials that cannot be gifted or traded. Cards equipped with any of these materials also become ungiftable and untradeable.

Deity Drive
Deity Default
Angel Dream
Demon Dream
Spirit Dream
Cosmo Mind
Shadow Mind
Earth Mind
Keen Arrowhead
Light of Happiness
Unrequited Love
Dark Spark
Heaven Spark
Grand Blade
Dark Wall
Crystal of Quest (Earth)
Heaven Blade
Hungry Shock
Chaos Blade
Shackles of Nightmare(Heaven)
Shackles of Nightmare(Hell)
Shackles of Nightmare(Earth)
Orb of Time
Phoenix Force
Phoenix Wing
Dark Persona

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