Raid Bosses appear rarely during quests instead of a card or other quest reward. They are different from event raid bosses.

There is a time limit for Raid Boss battles. If you do not defeat the boss in that time, you don't get credit for it and won't get any rewards.

Once you've hit the Raid Boss at least once, you can request assistance. Your allies and guild members will be informed that you are fighting a raid boss, and will have the chance to attack it and help defeat it. Each ally or guild member can make one free hit against the boss (no BP will be used). If you have enough active allies, you can defeat a Raid Boss easily without having to hit it more than once yourself!

Some cards have skills that allow them to do more damage against Raid Bosses. Unlike the skills that change attack and defense, skills against Raid Bosses activate every time you battle one.  

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