AP (Attack Points)Edit

AP is an important part of Deity Wars. AP is represented by a blue meter and it is used in questing. Each quest area tells you how much AP is depleted with each enemy killed. If you run out of AP you cannot do any more questing. Base AP is increased by 1 each time you level up. 

How to recover APEdit

Occasionally in quests a Kujata will appear after you complete a quest section. The Kujata will recover random amounts of AP. Note that Kujata cards cannot recover AP. 

Another way to recover AP is with the use of a Private Life Elixir or a Life Elixir. These will fully recover the player's AP but can only be used once. 

In some events once you get a chance to choose a gift out of 3 possible ones, one of those might be 20 AP recovery.

Trivia Edit

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